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Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) provides active monitoring and management of vessel traffic in a specific area, typically in busy harbors, ports, and other high-traffic maritime zones. The primary goal of VTS is to enhance the safety and efficiency of navigation by providing real-time information, communication, and traffic organization. At Radio Holland, we recognize the critical role of VTS in handling increased maritime traffic and ensuring safety and security in every voyage.
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Radar tower Scheldt radar chain

The Components of a VTS System

A VTS System comprises of different components supplied by Radio Holland, these are:

Central VTS Software

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This cutting-edge software revolutionizes vessel navigation, offering real-time monitoring and comprehensive insights for safe maritime operations.

Maritime Radars for VTS

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Selecting and maintaining high-quality radars is paramount for effective VTS. We offer a range of radar solutions ensuring precise detection in all conditions.

Traffic Control Radio Solutions

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Experience the modern approach to maritime traffic control with our ROIP solutions, enabling efficient communication over vast distances.

Radio Direction Finder (RDF)

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Enhance situational awareness with RDF technology, aiding in precise vessel tracking and combating illegal activities.

AIS Integration

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AIS, AtoN, and VDES integration offers a comprehensive data exchange, improving navigation and safety across waterways.

Measurement Buoys

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Our sensor-equipped buoys provide real-time data, empowering VTS centers to make informed decisions for safer maritime traffic.

VTS Services that Radio Holland offers

Radio Holland offers a wide spectrum of services catering to diverse VTS needs, including radar installation, ROIP solutions, RDF installation, AIS stations setup, sensor buoy deployment, and comprehensive maintenance and support.
  • Installation and maintenance of radar sensors from leading brands.
  • ROIP solutions with or without PA capabilities.
  • Installation and maintenance of Radio Direction Finders.
  • Setup and maintenance of AIS stations.
  • Deployment and maintenance of sensor buoys for data collection.

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Featured products

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SCANTER 2000 series

The SCANTER 2000 Series meets the requirements for professional VTS applications, where quality and durability is significant.
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The TCS990 is a non-blocking, redundant, digital voice switch for crucial voice and data communications, such as radio, telephone, public address, intercom, voice logging etc.
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Vessel Traffic Management

Wärtsilä VTMS is designed to effectively manage vessel traffic in ports, harbours, and coastal areas. It provides tools for a coordinated, global approach to maritime traffic control, monitoring and decision support.
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Innovative Navigation


The Vessel Traffic System of Innovative Navigation is a cost-efficient all-in-one packages allowing surveillance of small or medium sized areas.
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Furuno, Maxsea

TZ Coastal Monitoring

TZ Coastal Monitoring is a coastal surveillance solution that incorporates Furuno Radar with MaxSea TZ Coastal Monitoring software and systems.